A foundation of innovation

Our EngagedPatientTM (EP) platform is an enrollment and intelligent claim-based messaging system, utilizing digital technology to communicate directly with patients. Typically utilized by branded therapies, our EP programs not only offer convenient access and immediate information to patients, but they also provide real-time assistance with pharmacy claims, services on demand, and personalized prescription details to individual patients when appropriate.

The EP platform is designed in such a manner that allows our clients to customize each program to their own needs, and

also offers a far wider range of promotional options to drive awareness, interest, and enrollment into an all-in-one solution.

Understanding that every situation is different, our EP platform creates the basis

of engagement, providing add-on options for tailored messaging and additional

services. Such flexibility provides an array of options that further increase

EP program value in any scenario.

Tailored for success:

A diverse menu of options allows for ultimate customization

The EngagedPatientTM Platform


  • HIPAA/HITECH compliant process
  • Digital options for enrollment and engagement including SMS text message and e-mail
  • Fastest Copay card activation and instant eCard delivery
  • Real-time, dynamic redemption messaging and Rx updates at the pharmacy - providing   each patient a personalized experience.
  • Intelligent refill reminders and OneClikTM refill ordering via text or e-mail
  • Additional real-time messaging for specific events, such as Pharmacy Rx Reversals,             End of Rx, Dormancy, Enrolled No Redemption, etc.
  • Provides targeted patients with actionable multimedia (pictures, videos, additional resources)




  • Built-in module for automated prior authorization processing– in real-time, for those         who need it
  • Quickest appeal process that also keeps stakeholders informed  (patient, physician, pharmacy)
  • Physician office provided pre-filled forms, only needing reason and signature
  • Provides physicians the option to manage appeals with health plans or to allow EM               to manage the process instead




  • Targeted surveying option via digital means
  • High completion rate & ability to provide aggregate results to clients as well as       prescribing physicians




  • Built-in remote fulfillment module allowing targeted offers to patients based                          on specific parameters
  • Ability to help drive retail business to a remote dispensing partner




  • Geolocation alerts triggered by device proximity to specified waypoints
  • Digital wallet eCard used to generate alerts on iOS and Android devices




  • EngagedPatient messaging generated from digital wallet eCard usage at pharmacy
  • Digital wallet application used to prompt push notifications, currently available via iOS only




  • BI/BV services using MMS messaging
  • Most patients provided potential coverage status within 24 hrs




  • Real-time reporting via mobile device or web portal
  • Drill-downs of redemption and enrollment information by channel updated by the minute
  • Trend analysis and comparison program metrics provided




  • Adherence & event-based rewards program
  • Intelligent design without requiring patient management




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