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Centrally based in Atlanta, GA, Digital Health Dialog, LLC dba EngagedMedia has been working with healthcare clients for many years. Our early founders had been in the patient outcomes & pharma technology space for several years prior and had contributed to the advent of many popular pharmacy technologies used today.


Hoss Sooudi, our Chief Operating Officer, has worked been at the company since its earliest stages and helped build the platform and technology itself – while Joe Jackson, our VP of Operations, has helped scale the company’s solutions in the past few years to help it become a leader in the industry. Hoss & Joe are joined by a team of experienced professionals located in both Atlanta and the Northeast that keep EngagedMedia at the forefront of pharma technology and digital solutions.









As an extension of claim-based technology, the EngagedPatientTM platform was created as a means of utilizing real-time pharmacy claim information to empower the patient. The EP platform & complementary services rely on an enrollment process to grant consent to the patient’s claim data, which is the process that our patents protect and is also the source

of our intelligent messaging capabilities. From there, EM began to help other healthcare clients achieve better results through intelligent engagement, and continues to add to its patent portfolio of healthcare technology.


Over the last few years, EM has evolved and honed its services to best engage patients and deliver the most intelligence and ROI for all types of clients, and continues to challenge the standard of innovative strategy in pharma today.

EngagedMedia: A Pioneer

of Healthcare Technology

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